Top Midfield Units – 2015

Top Midfield Units

1. Waitsburg/Prescott – After some inconsistent results early in 2014, no midfield in the state developed as much as Waitsburg/Prescott’s as they marched to the title game. The Tigers scored 97 goals and gave up only 16. At least four players who started or logged significant minutes are back, and the Tigers should expect this grop to be even stronger. Luis Garcia and Ricardo Flores are top performers and All-State caliber players in 2015.

2. Saint George’s School – The midfield was part of a team that allowed only 15 goals and excelled in controlling the ball and the game. With all key midfielders returning, this group is set with Stow Miller and Collin Cremers forming an impressive midfield duo. Michael Thew is also a key player to watch.

3. Providence Classical Christian – The Highlanders boasted one of the states top midfields last season, and this group could only get stronger, with the continued development of Joe Moisant. Justin Hatcher will aid in the anchoring and leading of the midfield that will look to replace a solid core of graduated seniors.

4. Trout Lake – The success of Trout Lake’s scoring starts in the midfield. James Baker is an All-State player and with other players around him and more depth, there are few concerns about the quality of this midfield. This group is good enough to win a sizable amount of games.

5. Mount Vernon Christian – The Hurricanes return three starters who logged time in the midfield. These returners contributed on over 40 goals. All starters have experience and Dalton McIlrath will be looked to to anchor the squad. Tim Cummings will add support in the middle.

6. Evergreen Lutheran

7. Orcas Island

8. Shorewood Christian

9. Friday Harbor

10. La Conner


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