Player of the Year Contenders

1. Jeremiah Lee – MF – Grace Academy

Lee’s offensive production increased last season, and he was at his best in the Eagles’ run to the state championship, scoring 5 goals and recording 5 assists in the playoffs. Lee is the returning player of the year and the returning leader in goals and assists.

2. James Hurd – F – Mount Vernon Christian

Hurd has to be among the favorites. He scored 33 goals with 12 assists in 2013. He scored two or more goals in a given match on nine occasions.

3. Tyler Houtsma – F – Mount Vernon Christian

One of WSC’s top picks last season, Houtsma thrived in 2013. He scored 23 goals and had 21 assists, making him one of only four players in 2013 with over 20 goals and 20 assists in the season.

4. Ivan Figueroa – F – Waitsburg/Prescott

Figueroa got off to a great start to his high school career. He ended his freshman season with 25 goals and 7 assists. He is very good and can take it right at the defense.

5. Cole Butaud – F – Providence Classical Christian

Butaud put up huge numbers for Coach Morris’ offense. He scored 21 goals and had 11 assists. He is a top six returner in goals and assists from 2013.

6. Ernesto Valdovinos – MF – Waitsburg/Prescott

Valdovinos is a very underrated player, having played a key role on the Tigers’ squads for the past few seasons. He scored 12 goals and had 13 assists in Prescott’s run to the Final Four in 2013.

7. Luis Garcia – F – Waitsburg/Prescott

Garcia’s 12 goals and 9 assists as an underclassman shows he has the talent to increase that productivity in 2014. Garcia ate up some weaker opposition and will need to contribute in big matches for the Tigers.

8.  James Segalla – F – Valley Christian

Segalla emerged as a big goalscorer in his sophomore season. He can run at a defense and pass as well. He scored 22 goals, and tallied 5 assists.

9. Jayson Withers – MF – Mount Vernon Christian

Withers contributed to the Hurricanes scoring in half of their matches, scoring 8 goals along with 11 assists. Withers may receive more offensive attention in 2014.

10. Jacob Cleveringa – F – Riverside Christian

Cleveringa was superb for the Crusaders as a key goal scorer, and he will be leaned on more heavily with the graduation of Kirk Gartrell. Will his team be good enough to be a legitimate Player of the Year contender?

Next Tier

11. Nick Taylor – MF – Crosspoint Academy

12. Michael Hamilton – MF – Saint George’s School

13. Drew Ridewood – MF – Grace Academy

14. Seth Talen – MF – Tacoma Baptist

15. Joey Moisant – F – Providence Classical Christian

16. Dayton Pascua – MF – Tacoma Baptist

17. Alex Wartes – MF – Providence Classical Christian

18. Rodrigo Gonzalez – MF – Waitsburg/Prescott

19. Ryan Brandkamp – MF – Northwest Christian

20. Matt Arlt – D – Saint George’s School



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