Friday Harbor Preview



State Rank: 16 Northwest 2B Rank: 5

Head Coach: Andy Duke

2013 Record: 0-14-1 (1A Spring Season) 

Friday Harbor, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense – n/a

- Defense –2nd in League, 16th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – As center midfield Sam Stewart goes, so go the Wolverines. His improvement and play will likely be the indicator of the Wolverines success. The fast Will Christison will provide a much needed speed threat to the offense. Sam Paul-Barrette will also see time at forward. The Wolverines will need to find a consistent scoring threat as they only scored 15 goals this past Spring.

Defense – Friday Harbor has a strong tradition of outstanding defenders, and Michael Hoeller is the guy to continue it, along with Cassidy Quigley. The improved defensive work in the midfield should lead to a better midfield, and again Stewart will be looked to to lead this. Two goalkeepers return to a squad that conceded 88 goals. 

Final Evaluation – As Friday Harbor enters a new classification, the rough memories of last Spring’s rebuilding will be fresh in everyone’s mind. The lone tie was a 3-3 draw with Coupeville, and Friday Harbor allowed 5 or more goals in a match 9 times. The schedule is entirely more forgiving this fall, and Friday Harbor should get some breaks in the Northwest League play against 1B and 2B teams, as opposed to 1A and 2A teams. 

Key Returners (2014 Stats):

Sam Stewart (Sr., M) – 1 goal, 4 assists

Sam Paul-Barrette (Sr., F) – 1 goal, 8 assists

Will Christison (Jr. F) – 4 goals

Sam Gabler-Brown (Sr., D) – 2 assists

Michael Hoeller (Sr., D/M) – 2 assists


Shoreline Christian Preview



State Rank: 14 Northwest 2B Rank: 2

Head Coach: Chris Grafmiller

2013 Record: 9-8-0 

Shoreline, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense – 3rd in League, 12th in State

- Defense –2nd in League, 16th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – Young Kim will be looked to as the offensive leader on a team that lost two All-District players. Kim has good strength and passing, and makes good decisions with the soccer ball. Replacing the departed goal scorers will be of some concern, but like always the midfield should be a strength for Shoreline Christian.

Defense – The defense was very solid last season for the Crusaders and will likely look to improve this season. The Crusaders had three shutouts in 2013. A couple of starters return at defense with experience and they will look to be in good positions to make plays. One of those players is Seth Eises. Isaac Ensz shared time patrolling the goal last season and returns. 

Final Evaluation – The schedule for all of the Northwest teams requires that you be on your game every match, but Shoreline does play a number of very winnable games. They sit in a good position to make the postseason. The offense should find ways to score and the defense will improve as the season progresses, all signs of a solid season.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Young Kim (Sr., M) – 5 goals, 13 assists

Isaac Ensz (Sr., D/GK) – 1 assist, 1 shutout

Tyrell Bonner (Jr., M) – 4 goals, 3 assists

Daniel van der Giessen (So., F) – 3 goals, 1 assist

Seth Eises (So., D) – 1 goal, 2 assists

Orcas Island Preview



State Rank: 15 Northwest 2B Rank: 3

Head Coach: Matt Stolmeier

Career Record: 45-70-1 

Eastsound, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense – 4th in League, 15th in State

- Defense –5th in League, 26th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – A wealth of experienced players return but who will fill the role played by Jack Russillo remains a major question. William Coe will likely be the key offensive player after netting 6 goals in 2013. The midfield will be anchored by Wylie Kau. Henry McMurray will also provide a nice skill set in the midfield.

Defense – A year after allowing 83 goals the Viking will look to shore up some of the defensive issues that plagued them in 2013. Losing one to two defensive starters to graduation and a senior goalkeeper may limit any changes. Most of the younger players on the squad have some defensive experience. Sophomore goalkeeper Luke Bronn returns in the net.

Final Evaluation – Orcas Island welcomes back a solid group of returning starters, but there may be uncertainty at who will be a playmaker, and the demanding Northwest District schedule is not an easy one. The defense must show improvement. Orcas Island will be a better in 2014, and in 2013 they were just a game away from the District Tournament.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

William Coe (Sr., F) – 7 goals, 3 assists

Wylie Kau (Jr., F/M) – 6 goals, 2 assists

Henry McMurray (So., MF) – 6 assists

Zach Waage (Jr., F) – 2 goal, 1 assist

Mount Vernon Christian Preview



State Rank: 3 Northwest 2B Rank: 1

Head Coach: Joel Adeline

Career Record: 19-3-0 (1 season)

Mount Vernon, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense – 1st in League, 5th in State

- Defense –1st in League, 5th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – The Hurricanes went 13-1 and 14-0 in the Northwest League the last two seasons, largely on the exploits of their strong offense of Tyler Houtsma, James Hurd and Jayson Withers, who have gone 31-0 when scoring 2 goals or more. Mount Vernon Christian can rack up goals with regularity, especially in the first half where they outscored opponents 47-3. Will this offense be as efficient, considering it needs to replace graduated playmaker Seth Parman? Houtmsa and Hurd are back to carry the day and they will be surrounded by players with game-changing ability. Dalton McIlrath will anchor the midfield, while Jayson Withers and Michael Hancock will provide stability. 

Defense – The defense will begin with the wily and tough midfielders. The defensive line lost leader Jonathan deHaan to graduation, but Joshua Twedt will take over in his place. Jack Hammingh has shown he has the tenacity and speed to standout as well. Riley Hood, a defending All-State goalkeeper returns in goal as a highly athletic and improved player. 

Final Evaluation – The Hurricanes have some roster spots to fill after last seasons quarterfinal run, but speed and athletic ability are present. The midfield has the potential to be dynamite, and Tyler Houtsma and James Hurd bring unique talents to the team. Given these components, MVC likely will compete for a spot in the State Tournament.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Tyler Houtsma (Sr., F) – 50 goals, 47 assists

James Hurd (Sr., F/MF) – 45 goals, 24 assists

Jayson Withers (Sr., MF) – 14 goals, 17 assists

Michael Hancock (Sr., MF) – 3 goals, 7 assists

Dalton McIlrath (Jr., MF) – 3 goal, 6 assists

Timothy Cummings (Jr., D) – 3 goals, 2 assists, 1 shutout

Bryson Smith (So., D) – 2 goals, 1 assist

Joshua Twedt (Sr., D) – 1 goal

Isaiah Corp (Sr., D) – 1 goal, 1 assist

Jack Hammingh (So., D) 

Travis Ketcham (So., D) – 1 goal

Riley Hood (Jr., GK) – 5 shutouts


La Conner Preview



State Rank: 21 Northwest 2B Rank: 6

Head Coach: Steve DeLeon

2013 Record: 7-13-0

La Conner, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense – 2nd in League, 10th in State

- Defense –4th in League, 24th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – The Braves had a very dangerous offensive weapon last season in exchange students Pablo Guirao and Alex Ruiz. With their departures and other graduations, such as Wylie Thulen, over 50 of the 55 goals scored by La Conner in 2013 have departed. Now, La Conner must find an answer to those departures and see who will step up to score goals. Coming up with a cohesive unit will be a work in progress but the smart, speedy attackers they have will be a good starting point. Preston Stewart may be the midfield anchor.  

Defense – The defense will be looked to to keep La Conner in matches until the offense develops. Defensive work in the midfield and goalkeeping will be needs as well. Mitch Grant and Cole Smith return as solid individual defenders who will patrol the back line. Returning to the program is Erick Reinstra, who was a former All-League caliber goalkeeper early in his high school career.

Final Evaluation – The Braves finished 7-13 last season and were a playoff team. Four losses were by 2 goals or less, which could have turned that record into an 11-9 mark. They even had the led in some of those losses. The Braves should be confident of another solid season. A lot depends on the continued progress of the offense. And the defense as well, whose 3.5 goals against average must improve for La Conner to take a step forward in the Northwest League.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Erick Reinstra (Sr.) – 2 goals, 1 assist, 2 shutouts

Mitch Grant (Sr., D)

Cole Smith (Sr., D) 

Preston Stewart – (Jr., MF) – 2 goals, 3 assists

Nolan Duckworth (Jr., F) – 2 goals, 2 assists

Matt Semrau (Jr., GK) – 1 goal

Riley Stewart (Jr., D) – 1 goal

Joey Roth (Jr., D)  

Dain Sicklesteel (Jr., F)  

Julian Borusinski (Jr., D)

Waitsburg/Prescott Preview



State Rank: 2 Southeast Rank: 1

Head Coach: Mark Grimm

Career Record: 42-14-2 (3 years)

Prescott, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense – 1st in League, 6th in State

- Defense –2nd in League, 11th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – Returning the offensive weapons in place for the Tigers should be good sign for this squad. Tiger offensive players made the most of it last year, scoring 90 goals on their way to 4th place state finish. Ernesto Valdovinos (12 goals, 13 assists) goes into the year as a potential Player of the Year candidate. His chances likely depend upon the development of other offensive weapons at Prescott. Valdovinos will be able to pass to weapons like Ivan Figueroa (25 goals, 7 assists) and Luis Garcia (12 goals, 9 assists). Rodrigo Gonzalez (7 goals, 6 assists) will also contribute to a loaded offense. 

Defense – The defensive unit will be improved as younger starters will be a year older. Coach The Tigers have one of their best and most talented players leading the defense in Jose Paniagua (5 assists). Johnny Escalante is also an emerging talent on defense as he gets involved in the offense. The goalkeeping position will continue to progress with Christian Caro returning for his sophomore year in goal after an All-State season in 2013. 

Final Evaluation – The Tigers should once again win the Southeast League, something they have never failed to do in their programs history. The Tigers may also have enough defense and the right amount of offense to give the Spokane powers a serious fight for the District championship. Prescott will be in hunt and should have no difficulty in making it to the State Tournament again.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Ernesto Valdovinos (Sr., MF/F) – 34 goals, 24 assists

Ivan Figueroa (So., F) – 25 goals, 7 assists

Rodrigo Gonzalez (Jr., MF) – 15 goals, 13 assists

Luis Garcia (Jr., MF) – 15 goals, 11 assists

Jonny Escalante (Sr., MF/F) – 8 goals, 8 assists

Christian Caro (So., GK) – 4 goals, 7 shutouts

Alberto Mendez (Jr., MF) – 5 goals, 6 assists

Jose Paniagua (Sr., MF/D) – 2 goals, 6 assists

Paul Zamora (Sr., MF) – 3 goals, 2 assists

Oscar Villavazo (Sr., MF) – 2 goals

Carlos Sandoval (Sr., D)

Sergio Gonzalez (Sr., MF/GK)


Northwest 2B League Preview










Team Forwards Midfielders Defenders
Cedar Park Christian 6 6 5
Friday Harbor 4 4 2
La Conner 5 3 4
Mount Vernon Christian 1 1 1
Orcas Island 2 5 6
Shoreline Christian 3 2 3


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