Rainier Christian Mustangs



State Rank: 22  SeaTac Rank: 5

Head Coach: Geoff Ellis

2013 Record:1-8-0

Auburn, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense –2nd in League, 23rd in State

- Defense –8th in League, 24th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – By increasing speed and reorganizing the lineup, the Mustangs will look to create offensive pressure to score goals. The big question still is who will score the goals. Work put into finishing and shooting should pay off though.

Defense – With a reorganized defense, speed will again be a key factor as the Mustangs will look to counter attack against their opponents.

Final Evaluation – The Mustangs will be looking for improved results after last years one win season. A number of players with starting experience return, and the schedule is favorable, as opposed to last season. If consistent goal scorers emerge, and the defense can be fixed up, the Mustangs may have enough talent to be a factor in the SeaTac League.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Evan Daiber

Jimmy Archer – 2 goals, 2 assists

Evergreen Lutheran Preview



State Rank: 9  SeaTac Rank: 2

Head Coach: Tony Natalie

2013 Record:6-6-0

Tacoma, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense –2nd in League, 16th in State

- Defense –6th in League, 19th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – Evergreen Lutheran will likely play a fast-paced style of soccer that could produce goals. A number of skilled players are returning, all capable of providing an offensive spark. Mohammad Ali (6 goals), John Lee (5 goals), Josh Renner (5 goals), and Lucas Rodmyre (5 goals) and James Swanson (3 goals) represent a very balanced scoring threat.

Defense – The defense will be much improved. A number of important starters return and goalkeeping play will be improved as well.

Final Evaluation – The Eagles had a good season last year, and with some of the SeaTac powers gone, the schedule lightens up and the Eagles have a real serious shot at winning the SeaTac League. 10 to 11 wins is a real possibility. Playing well early will be crucial.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Josh Renner – 7 goals, 4 assists

Lucas Rodmyre – 6 goals, 2 assists

Mohammad Ali – 6 goals, 1 assist

John Lee – 5 goals, 2 assists

James Swanson – 3 goals, 4 assists

Joon Gu – 3 goals

Phillip Schmeichel – 2 goals, 1 assist

Eli Weimer- 1 shutout


Mount Rainier Lutheran Preview



State Rank: 18 SeaTac Rank: 3

Head Coach: Kanagasabai UmaShankar

2013 Record: 4-10-0 

Tacoma, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense –4thth in League, 18th in State

- Defense –6th in League, 21st in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – Theo Tel (10 goals) will be the returning offensive leader. He will be fully capable of going out each match and executing the offense for the Hawks. Mount Rainier Lutheran will look to score through direct play. Juan Carlos Arreaga is one of the other experienced offensive payers. Depth and experience will be helpful for this offense in general. 

Defense – A number of defense starters to a defense that allowed over 4.5 goals per game last season. The midfield will do an impressive job defending. The defense will need to have the offense take some pressure off of them in key matches. Questions surround who will be the goalkeeper.

Final Evaluation – Coach UmaShankar is a good coach and good fit at MRL. Transitioning to an elite program will take time. The Hawks gave up 3 or more goals in 9 matches last season. This season’s schedule should be a touch easier with the traditional SeaTac powers departing. A .500 record should be considered a success. 

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Theo Tel (Sr., MF) – 11 goals, 3 assists

Juan Carlos Arreaga – 3 goals, 4 assists

Antonio D’Amico – 3 goals

Dawson Faker – 1 goals

Christian Faith Preview



State Rank: 23 SeaTac Rank: 6

Head Coach: unknown

2013 Record: 1-9-0 

Federal Way, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense –10th in League, 25nd in State

- Defense –6th in League, 14th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – Optimism should be high for the Eagle’s offensive attack as there is room for much improvement after last season. The coaching staff will need to identify some new players to have breakout seasons.

Defense – The defense improved in 2013 and will need to do so again in 2014 to remain competitive. The new goalkeeper will hope to cut down on goals allowed. The defense will likely play a more aggressive style as they develop. Any injuries would be big blows to a developing program.

Final Evaluation – The Christian Faith program has seen mild progress over the past couple of season. There is a long way to go for the Eagles to compete in the upper half of the SeaTac League. The offense will continue to make strides, and the relative success of the season will be decided by what type of progress the defense can make.

Key Returners (Career Stats):


Crosspoint Academy Preview



State Rank: 6 SeaTac Rank: 1

Head Coach: Jason Meeder

2013 Record: 12-6-0 

Bremerton, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense –2nd in League, 2nd in State

- Defense –3rd in League, 10th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – Coach Meeder will hope to revive an offense in 2014 that scored 116 goals in 2013. The offense struggled at times against quality defenses. Nick Taylor is the returning goalscoring leaders after scoring 21 goals. Surrounding him will be Matt Kelley, a dynamic playmaker who will likely emerge as a key player. The midfield may be a bit of a question mark, as some of the anticipated starters will be have changed positions to fill the midfield. Freshman and sophomore class members will be looked to to contribute.

Defense – The Warriors usually dominate on defense and did so until they reached the playoff last year. A number of starters return with defensive experience. Michael Shea and Aaron Mahiou return  with quality talent and may play at both midfield and defense to support the Warriors. Depth again may be an issue. A goalkeeper will need to be found to contribute.

Final Evaluation – There is hope for continued success as an experienced roster and energy continues at Crosspoint. The schedule is favorable, with Bear Creek and Tacoma Baptist both leaving the SeaTac League. The Warriors will count on the same players to win the League and make it to state that were in place last year. Nick Taylor and veteran defenders will need to make quick leaps and the midfield will need to jell quickly – especially by the key opener against rival Evergreen Lutheran.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Nick Taylor (Jr., MF) – 30 goals, 14 assists

Matt Kelley  (So., F) – 20 goals, 5 assists

Michael Shea (Sr., D/MF) – 3 goals, 5 assists

Aaron Mahiou – 2 assists

SeaTac League Preview












Team Forwards Midfielders Defenders
Christian Faith 6 5 6
Crosspoint Academy 1 1 2
Evergreen Lutheran 2 2 1
Mount Rainier Lutheran 4 4 5
Rainier Christian 5 6 3
Shorewood Christian 3 3 4


SeaTac - Football tactics and formations


Cedar Park Christian Preview



State Rank: 16 Northwest 2B Rank: 4

Head Coach: Perry Travis

2013 Record: 2-12-0 

Mountlake Terrace, Washington

2013 Rankings

- Offense – 5th in League, 20th in State

- Defense –5th in League, 20th in State

2014 Outlook

Offense – Cedar Park Christian consistently fields an offense that finds ways to score goals, and this year they have talent and options on offense. George Reidy is the frontrunner to be offensive scoring leaders. A strength for this squad may be the midfield where a number of starters return. Christian Guddall returns after scoring 3 goals in 2013 and can play all offensive positions.

Defense – The Lions should have a stronger defense after allowing 5.5 goals per game in 2013. The athletic players on the roster will need to pressure the opposition. A need in goal exists.

Final Evaluation – The Lions went 2-12 in 2013, and a number of players return. The schedule is not an easy one and every game in the Northwest District counts towards playoff seeding. Cedar Park Christian has experienced players returning in the midfield and on defense, but the Lions need to find a consistent goal scorer. If this occurs, the Lions could be right back in the Northwest District Playoff picture.

Key Returners (Career Stats):

Christian Guddal – 8 goals, 3 assists

Aaron Gillis – 2 goal, 7 assists

George Reidy – 4 goals, 1 assist


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